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Meghan Berke

is the Co-founder and Event Director of Plant Power Pop-Up.  Meghan was born in NYC and raised in The Berkshires. She has had many jobs including lifeguard, pizza delivery driver, model, actor, nanny, server, bartender, receptionist, domain marketer.  She never says no to an opportunity. Directing events for Plant Power Pop-Up feels like the most natural fit for Meghan and allows her the opportunity to combine all her personality, passion and strengths.

Diana Taylor

Co-founder and Executive Chef of Plant Power Pop-Up. Diana graduated top of her class at Le Cordon Bleu and has had an accomplished career as a Professional Chef working at AOC, Primativo Wine Bistro, Vegan Cafe, Exec. Chef of FOODWORKS LA, Cooking webshow host @ Eat, Drink or Die, food product developer, Chef Instructor at Sur LA Table, Private Chef for Celebrities, and meal deliveries. 

Born in NYC and raised in L.A, Diana has an innate love of art, music, culture, entertaining and a passion for transforming ingredients into intricate dishes that arouse the senses and tickle the imagination. Plant Power Pop-Up let’s her think outside the box and use the kitchen as her playground.

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